what we do
  • We identify the opportunities and the challenges that are unique to your business.
  • We outline your goals and objectives.
  • Formulate strategies to meet them.

We then work with you to develop a customized communication to take your business to the masses.

Corporate Identity: 1.Logos 2.Letter heads 3.Business cards 4.Folders 5.Invoices 6.Annual Reports 7.News Letters

Advertising: 1.Press Campaigns 2.Hoarding Campaigns 3.Broadcast Campaigns 4. TV commercials 5.Radio Jingles 6.Banners 7.Posters/ Flyers/ Inserts/ Danglers 8.Brochures 9.Packaging 10.POP tools

P.R: 1. Press Releases 2.Press Conferences 3.Media relations 4.Press/Media Kits

Promotions /Events: 1. Outdoor Promotions 2. Product Launches 3. Corporate Events 4. Conferences 5. A.G.M's 6.Photography.

Web Designing, Software Development, ERP Solutions

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